Kamis, 18 Juli 2019

4 Tips To Prevent And Treat Health Issues On Vacation

It’s the night before your long-awaited vacation. You’ve triple-checked your suitcase, checked into your flight and notified the bank of your travel plans. Everything is ready to go, but even the most experienced travelers can’t predict the unexpected health hiccups that might arise along the way.
Before heading off, keep in mind these minor, but common, health concerns and be sure to pack the right items to help protect yourself and stay comfortable once you arrive.

Motion sickness

Whether traveling by plane, train, car or boat, sometimes just the slightest bit of constant movement can trigger motion sickness, suddenly making you feel queasy, dizzy and nauseous. Typically, motion sickness occurs when your senses receive confusing signals from your environment. The first thing to do is stay calm, relax and try to focus on something else, such as counting backward from 100. Natural remedies to provide relief include raw ginger and mint, so bring along a pack of flavored teas or mint-flavored chewing gum to help soothe your symptoms.


Extended time sitting during long travel days, sudden diet changes and destinations that may have you further away from the usual bathroom amenities can all lead to backside discomfort and the potential onset of hemorrhoids. Pack Preparation H Rapid Relief Totables Wipes with Lidocaine for portable pain relief from hemorrhoids when you’re on the go. The individually wrapped wipes provide rapid numbing relief, reduce swelling and are flushable, making them a perfect, discreet item to bring along.


It goes without saying that using sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun’s damaging rays is crucial. But let’s face it - sometimes sunscreen application can be spotty and reapplying every two hours can fall by the wayside when having fun, which can ultimately bring on a painful sunburn. In addition to the sunscreen you already had in your bag, be sure to pack a moisturizer with aloe vera to help soothe skin and ibuprofen to help reduce any swelling, redness and discomfort caused by sunburn.


If your travel plans involve walking or hiking long distances, you may experience blisters while on the move, as it only takes a little friction and moisture for them to pop up. Whether you’re climbing a mountain solo or trekking through an amusement park with the family, make sure to pack adhesive bandages and extra socks to help prevent and treat blisters. The bandages can act as another layer of skin, preventing the formation of blisters, while extra socks can help reduce friction.

Planning for these minor health issues is as easy as tossing items in your purse or bag. Vacation is supposed to be fun, spontaneous and relaxing, but keeping these extra precautions in mind before you leave ensures minor health inconveniences don’t get in the way of enjoyment during and after your trip.
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